Franchise Recruitment Blog Objectives

Written by Nick Strong on September 14th, 2011

This franchise recruitment blog is dedicated to promoting the vertuous cycle of:

  • Helping franchisors recruit more
  • Helping franchisees to make more sales and profit
  • Helping franchisors to collect higher management service fees
  • Helping create great success stories around brands, their values and franchisee successes
  • Helping to recruit more franchisees

Achieving effective business format franchising growth is multi dacited. It requires time to prove the system, continual adjustments to keep in tune with buyer demands and ongoing innovation.

Franchise recruitment growth is about creating fantastic success stories from happy franchisees. Happy franchisees are well supported, well resourced, have good quality in lifestyle and most of all are profitable.

This blog will explore the multifaceted ways that can bring success in franchise recruitment and overall trading. This will cover areas including:

  • Web marketing
  • Recruitment budget management
  • Tracking of results
  • Critical path setting, testing and adjusting
  • Accounting and cashflow management
  • Cloud management systems
  • Effective franchisee selection
  • Effecitve franchisee support
  • And much more

Over time this blog will build into the authority source of content that franchisors and suppliers can find, join, share and comment on actions that promote franchise system growth.

The creator and manager of this blog is Nick Strong. Nick is Chair of British Franchise Association Affiliates (2011) and director of Select Your Franchise UK, The Franchise Supplier Showcase and Franweb.

Nick works with Franchisors and suppliers to help them achieve their commercial objectives by effectively harnessing the web with core business objectives in mind.

We look forward to sharing valuable content with you and working with your franchise business with your success in mind.


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